IT Services

  • Server and Storage
  • Storage Infrastructure Management
  • Central Backup Services
  • Storage on Demand
  • Software Development

Server and Storage

In the current economic climate, companies must ensure server and storage assets are utilized to maximum advantage. Strong Server & Storage management is core to utilizing these assets. Our core experience in server/systems implementation and storage management provides assured delivery of services. Server & storage technologies are evolving and as they evolve, ShubhSoft provides new service offerings to our Customers. We operate a menu of services, which range from simple network domain installations to multi-domain worldwide implementations.

Storage Infrastructure Management:

An essential element for SAN and NAS storage. Optimal configuration of storage depends upon strong change management processes and the active management of infrastructure components.

Central Backup Services:

Providing an efficient and optimal means of backing up data. Depending upon customers requirements for Recovery Time Objectives and Recovery Point Objectives, a tiered and standardized approach is provided to ensure customer have the optimal backup service.

Storage on Demand:

Enabling additional storage to be seamlessly added as customers storage needs grow.